Global Positioning

Taps Taxi has a unique Global Positioning System (GPS) that pinpoints the nearing driver thus allowing the driver to give an accurate estimated time of arrival.


Reliable communications are essential under all circumstances. Taps Taxi will use the KDT 5000 system design because it provides multiple levels of reliability to assure communications will be maintained under the most rigorous condition.


Taps Taxi will use the in-car credit/debit card system, which is a new market segment for the taxi industry in Uganda. This involves customers using their debit cards in any Taps Taxi cab with approval being given instantly, eliminating the need to dial in to head office for approval numbers. By using this system, the company will be addressing the need for convenience and reliability. Taps Taxi also features a computer-aided dispatch system which will be represented under the Patriot name.

The company is currently in the process of making Patriot a trademark. The company has also applied for a license to run a 490 narrow band frequency and voice data transmission. From the perspective of customers, the advantage of Taps Taxi's products and services is the high level of technology, which leads to superior customer service. In contrast to competitors, Taps Taxi's products and services offer convenience.

The key pad and swipe machine are built into the back seat, thus giving the customer privacy. Whereas competitors have to call in a credit/debit card transaction for approval, our customers will be able to get on-the-spot approval before the driver even pulls over.


  • Privacy: The information you supply to us is only used to make your journey run as smooth as possible. We do not share or sell your personal details to any third party. We obviously need contact details to deal with any problems should they arise.
  • It is very important to ensure that when booking a long haul flight that the arrival date into Uganda is entered into the booking form if it differs from the departure date.
  • Whilst every effort is made to run punctually on very rare occasions things happen that are totally out of our control. If we are aware of any major delays with the traffic we will try to contact you so you can leave earlier. But if something should delay us when we are collecting you from the airport again we will try to contact you to keep you informed. We may need to call on another company closer to you if the delay is very serious.
  • Travel time to the airports vary so it is the passengers responsibility to let us know what time they need to be there. As guide with a clear run from Jinja to Entebbe takes about 1 hour 30 minutes and Kampala to Entebbe airport takes 30 to 40 minutes but would advise to allow an extra half hour as time quickly slips away when stuck in traffic.